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Our aim is to support Line Dancers with a site where they will be able to check for some of the most popular dances and keep current with the line dance world. With step sheet and video support, we hope to encourage new dancers to share the joy of line dancing. We offer the highest quality to our dancers and strive to continue to refine our competence through workshops, research and information gathering as it pertains to our profession.

Who Put The Bomp?

5/24/2015 Please check the Schedule page for the weekly teaches.  The New 9 dances for the Texas Line Jamboree 2015 have been chosen.  For more information go to
5/20/2015 We introduce the top dances in the world to El Paso Teachers in our Wednesday class. Other favorites also are reviewed.   So come to our Wednesday class and learn along with us.
5/20/2015 We dance on Tuesday mornings at Wellington Chew Senior Center at 9:30, Joan Miller is the Instructor. This is a Beginner/Improver level class, taught nice and slow by Joan.  Dance On teaches a Beginner/Intermediate level class, also at Wellington Chew Senior Center, Wednesdays 1 p.m to 3:30 p.m. Dance On has added a new class for Absolute Beginners on Thursdays from 9:30 to 11:30 at Wellington Chew. Tell your friends.
1/18/2015 We are happy to let you know that this site is now 7 years old!!! I am proud to have managed it for so long. Didn't think that I could do it. Hope you like it.


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